7 Beauty Rules Everyone Should Break

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Forget “Get Ready With Me” Videos — Kat Dennings Is Taking Us on a “Give Up With Me” Makeup Journey

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest After enjoying a few cautiously optimistic months, I'd be lying if I said things don't feel pretty precarious — even glum — right about now, what with the especially contagious strain of COVID-19 currently making its unwelcomed rounds. The hugely popular phenomenon of "Get Ready With Me" (or #grwm as … Read more

Letter From the Editor: Michelle Lee Bids Her Final Goodbye

Goldstein: Vicki King, 2020. CL: Peter Ash Lee, 2021. Estêvão: Richard Burbridge, 2021. Gomez: Micaiah Carter, 2020. Ly: Solve Sundsbo, 2018. Porter: Ben Hassett, 2020. Mirren: Scott Trindle, 2017. Remaining Photos: Courtesy of Michelle Lee. Facebook Email Pinterest I'm terrible at goodbyes. I've certainly had a fair share in my lifetime. Moving to new schools. … Read more